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Ludovico Fulci - Composer

Ludovico Fulci was born in Messina (Italy) in 1959 but moved to Rome (Italy) where he started studing piano. He earned his degree at the Conservatory S.Cecilia (Rome) with the highest score (10/10). He then started studying composition, and earned his degree at the Conservatory of L’Aquila (Italy). CompositionHis activity as composer has been devoted to the "musica colta". He wrote in 1987 Quartets (Q One, Q two, Q Three) for violin and piano. He also composed a Sonata for violin and piano and many other little works.

Since 1999, Ludovico Fulci composed music for movies and TV series.

He worked for the R.A.I. television as composer, orchestrator and conductor in:“Lui e Lei” - 4 episodes Lux Vide Cinemtografica, “Grandi Domani” - 12 episodes Fascino film, “Paura di Amare” - 6 episodes Titania Produzioni, “Ne con te ne senza di te” - 2 episodes Ares Film RAI 1, “Sposami” – 6 episodes Titania Produzioni RAI 1, “Paura di Amare second series – Titania Produzioni RAI 1. With Director Ermanno Olmi, he worked on the music of the movie "Singin behind the screen", and wrote one of the principal piece recorded by the C.A.M. He also worked on the music of Pupi Avati ‘s movies such as: « I soldati che fecero l’impresa », « Cena di Natale I° e II° » and « Il cuore altrove ». He also was in the movie “Puccini” where he worked like Music Supervisor and added composer that was produced by Leone Cinematografica that is going to be broadcasted by R.A.I. Tv italiana.

The Collaboration with Compositor Ennio Morricone.

In 2001 he increased his collaboration with the conductor Ennio Morricone.

Ludovico Fulci has been a member of Morricone’s team for the realization of all his music for movies of the recent years: « La legenda del pianista sull’oceano » and « Malena », “Baaria” of Giuseppe Tornatore, « Mission to Mars » of Brian De Palma, « Ripley Game » of Liliana Cavani, « Senso 2000» of Tinto Brass, « 72 metri ” of Vladir Khatineko, « Canone Inverso » of Ricky Tognazzi and so on till today.Ludovico Fulci has been performing with the conductor Morricone a very full concert schedule both in Italy and abroad. Among these were the concert at the «Centro dei Congressi» of Paris in 2001, at « Barbicane Hall » in 2000 and at « Royal Albert Hall » of London in 2002, at « Auditorium S. Cecilia» of Rome during three nights in 2003, at « Arena di Verona » in 2003 and 2004, at the Easten Concerto « Ara Coeli » in Rome in 2004, three concerts in June 2004 in Tokio at «Centro della Cultura Giapponese », in Lisbon at the World Cup in 2004 with Dulce Pontes, in Monaco in 2004, at the White Night of Rome ("Notte Bianca di Roma") in 2004, at the “Aula Magna dell’Università di Roma” « Yo-Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone » (Yo-Yo Ma is one of the most “virtuoso” player of violoncello) in October 2004 and the « Concerto del Quirinale di Fine Anno » in 2004 (the New Year Concerto) hosted by the President of the Republic of Italy Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. In the 2005 -06 he perfomed at the " Hammersnith Theathre" in London, at the "Arena" di Verona and at the "Teatro Greco" of Taormina with La Scala (Milan) Orchestra and Choir and he's going to have a concert at "La Scala" as soloist on April 16th 2007. He also performed in New York at the United Nation and Radio City Music Hall. He also played the piano and keyboard in a tour in East Asia Beijing, Taipei, Seoul the spring of 2009, in Mexico 2010 and in Russia ( Moscow, San Peterburgh) Ucraina (Kiev) in December 2012. He recorded many Cds b y Ennio Morricone called, « Ennio Morricone Dulce Pontes- Focus » and « Yo-Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone » in 2004 and was one of the three soloist in the movie “Fateless” by Latis Koltai . He Also worked with many other Italian music composers like Armando Trovajoli, Ritz Ortolani, Nicola Piovani, Louis Bakalov, Franco Piersanti and was one for 17 years a keyboard and add piano player with the Orcheatra of RAI Television. He collaborated also with all the many insituton for concerts and recording session in Rome.


Since the beginning of his career, he pursued his “classical” musical activity in parallel with Jazz. He played in groups with international reputations: Quartet of Massimo Urbani, Edy Palermo Quartet, Steve Grossmann Quartet, and Marcello Rosa Quintet. He participated in various editions of Umbria Jazz: in 1988 with Edy Palermo Quartet, in 1989 with Gianni Oddi Quartet and in 1990 as leader of the Quartetto Diamodea.Since 1989, Ludovico Fulci has been the leader of the « Super Star Big Band » that has included some of the most famous musicians of Rome, several of whom are member of the Radio- Televisione Italiana Orchestra (R.A.I.). With the “Super Star Big Band”, he recorded two CDs part of the series “Sound-track Music” of B.M.G. Ariola (former R.C.A. Italy). B.M.G. Ariola produces music for television and cinema. The first CD, “The 50’s Jazz Music" is a compilation of swing music, from Woody Hermann to Duke Ellington, from Count Basie to the early Quincy Jones. The second CD, " Contemporary Big Band" refers to a much more contemporary musical experience where Jazz is mixed with elements of Rock, Rhythm & Blues and Fusion.

In 1989 Ludovico Fulci created the “Quartetto Diamodea” and he recorded the CD "Lonely Voice" in 1989 for Pentaflower.

Ludovico Fulci also recorded for Pentaflower some other pieces for the CD “Eight Trumpets” of Roberto Coltellacci experimenting with this unusual jazz quartet.

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